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* How to order correctly
* What to do in case of return shipment

* What happens to my personal data?

* Where can I order insoles?

* I am looking for a specific shoe
* Where can I order shoe decoration?

* How to cherish my shoes
* What is vegetal-tanned leather?

I am allergic to chromium. Are Think! shoes appropriate for me?

* More information on Think!
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How to order correctly

First please remind that you can stop the ordering process at any time, just by closing the browser window or clicking on the Think! logo to get back to our shop homepage. All details selected in the single steps are still changeable in the last step "Complete order".

1. Add the article of your choice to your basket by choosing the requested size and clicking the "Add to shopping cart" button.

2. A window appears on the right. If you wish to order the articles in your shopping basket, either click "Proceed to checkout". If you want to remove the item klick on the 'x' next to the item shown. In case you wish to add more articles to your shopping basket, click the Think! Store Logo on the upper left.
           2.1.  As soon as everything is shown as you wish to have it,
                  please click the button "Proceed to Checkout" to go on with the ordering process.

3. You can now fill in your address details by using your customer account, by creating a new account or by placing your order without creating a customer account. In any case, please fill in your address data and confirm the address entry by clicking "Next".

4. You can now choose your payment method (PayPal, Credit Card oder Prepayment). As soon as you are done, please click the "Next" button.

5. On this last page of your ordering process you are able to change all the details that you chose before (invoice address, shipping address, payment method, article quantity). When all the details are correct and as you wish to have them, please click on the "Send order" or "Complete payment" button (depending on the chosen payment method) to complete your order.

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What to do in case of a return shipment

Have you ordered the wrong size?
The shoes do not fit?
No problem!

You can return your purchase to us within 14 days after receipt of the goods, provided you only tried out the products inside, like you would do in a store. 

Please note that you may use the delivered goods for test purposes in the same way you would when trying them on in a shop, as long as you have not decided to keep them. In case of additional use we reserve the right to claim an adequate compensation for lost value.

If the size does not fit, you do not like the article or if you ordered several sizes, you can, of course, return the delivered goods within 14 days from receipt.

Please contact us via email ( if you want to return articles from the UK or any other country.

If you live in the EU we will send you a prepaid postage return label via email which you only need to print and stick on the parcel. Please bring the package to a post office. It will be sent to us free of charge. The return address is also given on this address label.
We ask for your understanding that return costs of any other way of returning the goods cannot be refunded.

If the order was delivered to a country outside the EU, we kindly ask you to send the shoes back at your own cost. If you return a shoe from outside the EU, please note that you have to attach a copy of the invoice and the CN23 customs form which clearly indicates that it is a return parcel.

As handling returned goods via FedEx is not possible for us, please make sure you send the goods back to us via any other mailing company except FedEx.

As soon as the return shipment has arrived with us we will inform you via email and give you a refund for the returned goods.

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What happens to my personal data?

Please refer to the link “Privacy statement” for detailed information regarding data protection. 

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Where can I order insoles?

If the insoles of your Think! shoes are worn or affected by perspiration, we can order new ones for you at the Think! factory in Austria. Please send us a request by email in which you mention the article number and the size of your Think! shoes. The article number is printed inside the shoe. Of course you can also give us a call.

The price of insoles is £20.00. On top of that we invoice a flat shipping rate of £10.00 for packing and postage as we do for all orders below £50.00. Most insoles are in stock and can be delivered within 3-5 days. The delivery time for insoles that are not in stock is about two weeks.

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Are you looking for a specific shoe?

Are you looking for a Think! shoe that is not available on our website?
Please call or send an email. We may have the shoe in store or already ordered, but not yet included in our online range of products.
We would also be glad to explicitly ask the manufacturer in Austria and order the appropriate article for you.
We are pleased to be of help to you!

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Where can I order shoe decoration parts?
If you have lost parts of your shoe decoration please send an email to the Think! factory: Please state the article number that is printed inside your shoe. Think! will send you the missing part as soon as possible.

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How to cherish my shoes

Those who care for what is dear to them will benefit for a long time.
We have prepared some detailed advice for taking care of the special Think! leathers.
Please click on the following link: Care advice

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What is vegetal-tanned leather?

Vegetal-tanned leather means that only vegetal tannins have been used when tanning the leather. Wherever the foot comes into contact with the shoe, Think! shoes are made ​​of 100% vegetal tanned leather, or a textile mixture of 70% wool, 25% polyamide and 5% cashmere. Think! also offers a selection of shoes that have an upper of 100% vegetal tanned skin. If you have a sensitive skin, these shoes are your best choice. In order to find these vegetal tanned shoes please first select men´s or women´s and then click on vegetal tanned at the right hand side of the screen.

Vegetal tanned leathers are manufactured according to appropriate ecological principles and processes.
The holistic view of a product is at the fore, i. e. resource-saving manufacture, longevity, and environmentally friendly recycling.
The Think! manufacturer has described the tanning process along the lines of a  recipe:
“Take the idea of making healthy, individual and beautiful shoes and bear in mind the desire of creative people to use only most natural, prime quality materials. Now prepare the necessary ingredients in your mind and use them to form a plan in which creativity paired with a love for details uncompromisingly goes along with natural processing. Don’t skimp on brainpower, but use it as lavishly as you dedicate prime quality leather – vegetal-tanned leather that requires very special attention.
Solely use vegetal tannins.
Subsequent to extensive pre-treatment in baths of fresh water and cinders of wood, give the young leather its color.
You can achieve the most nuanced colors with a pinch of finely ground wood such as sweet chestnut, bark of black acacia, leaves as and fruits of the tara. The tanning process will be completed after approximately 4 weeks of patient, manual stirring in the wooden barrel. The leather must subsequently be left to dry over wooden bars for  four weeks, upon which you will be satisfied to determine: The precious material for beautiful shoes has now been achieved.” 

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I'm allergic to chromium, dyes, nickel and some glues. Are Think! shoes suitable for me?

Wherever the foot comes into contact with the shoe, Think! shoes are made ​​of 100% vegetal tanned leather, or a textile mixture of 70% wool, 25% polyamide and 5% cashmere. Think! also offers a selection of shoes that have an upper of 100% vegetal tanned skin. If you have a sensitive skin, these shoes are your best choice. In order to find these vegetal tanned shoes please first select men´s or women´s, then click on show all filters, click 'product features' and select vegetal tanned .

Chromium is naturally present in nature itself, both in animal hides as in plants and trees. During storage or transportation of the hides, chrome particles of other hides that are not vegetal tanned might also enter the vegetal tanned hides. Therefore we cannot confirm that these hides are 100% chromium-free. However, we cán state that they are very poor in chromium.

All Think! shoes are exclusively dyed with natural anniline dyes. These dyes are water solluble and maintain the natural breathability of the leather, and consequently provide a healthy foot climate. In order to obtain a good dye result, only hides free of damages (like insect bites) are used. The dye absorbing capability of a hide may be a little different from one spot to the other. Therefore slight colour differences may still occur.

Think! uses a natural latex glue for fastening the lining to the upper material of the shoe, and a glue based on polyurethane (PUR) for fastening the sole to the shoe.

All Think! shoes are free of nickel, including the decorations.

If you have any further questions regarding allergies, please send us an e-mail, we will be happy. 

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More information on Think!

You can find more information about Think! on our webpage "About Us".
The manufacturer of Think! shoes can be found at

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