Information regarding Think! lasts  

Based on our experience with customers in our shops, we have summarised the most important information regarding the individual lasts of our Think! shoes.

Lasts for ladies´ shoes

AGRAT normal fit, possibly order half a size larger
AIDA medium width
ALEXIA* medium width, like AIDA
ALOA* regular fit, very soft and lightweight
ANA* medium width, soft platform sole
ANNI* medium width, regular fit
BALLA medium width, very soft leather upper, flexible sole
BARCA* medium width, comfortable width around the toes
BEE* wide fit, comfortable tread, slightly cushioned heel, large fit: please order a half size smaller
BESSA* medium width
BLUZA* normal fit
BRACCA* medium width, very soft sole
BUSSI* pointed, fashionable last, 35 mm difference between heel and toes, medium width
CAMBIO wider fit, very lightweight and comfortable
CAMILLA medium width
CHILLI medium width
CIVITA* regular fit
CHIWI* medium width, comfortable tread
COGITA normal fit, possibly order half a size smaller
COMODA medium width
COSIMA* wider fit, slightly cushioned heel
CUGAL slim fit
DELICIA medium width
DENGA* medium width, high instep
DENK wide fit, soft tread
DIDA* medium width, very comfortable tread
DRAWI medium width
DREDA* wider fit, changeable insole, very soft leather, soft tread
DRUNTA regular fit, functional and robust with a thick rubber sole, very flexible
DUENE narrow fit
DUFDE* medium width, sole is little bit less curved than MIZZI and JULIA
DUMIA slim fit, soft tread
EBBS* medium width, sporty used look
EGGAL* medium width, very soft footbed and upper, flexible sole
FANIA* regular fit
FESH* regular fit, fancy designs, pointed shape, small heel
FOI* medium width, very lightweight
GAUDI medium width, comfortable and sporty shoe with a square form around the toes
GEINA* medium width, 45 mm heel
GETSCHO regular fit (like KAPSL), very flexible and lightweight
GLEI* retro-style (60s look), leather covered heel
GRACE normal width, classic, like AIDA
GRIASDI* sophisticated short ankle boot with a sporty latex sole - very soft treads! Medium width
GRIAWI* comfortable, rather wide fit, not suitable for slim feet
GRING sporty and lightweight shoe with a comfortable width, not suitable for very slim feet
GSPUSAL* medium width, runs small: please order a half size larger
GUAD comfortable, wider fit
GUAD2 comfortable, wider fit than GUAD
HALLO* medium width, cushioning sole
HEAH* medium width
IAZ wider fit
IMMA* regular fit, leather-sheathed heel
IMOGDI* slim fit, very soft sole
INUA* medium width
ISY* wide fit
ITHS* regular fit, soft upper, very lightweight
JACKY* rather slim fit, 55 mm heel, very comfortable and lightweight
JAEH* slim fit
JOMAI* wider fit, sandal with heel AND changeable insole
JULIA medium width
KAMAA normal fit
KANGAE wider fit, please oder a half size smaller
KAPSL super light, sporty, normal fit, soft leather, Sacchetto style 
KARENA* simple and timeless design, like BEE
KATE normal width, wedge heel with plateau
KEKSY* medium width, very comfortable tread, cushioned heel
KESHUEL successor of "THI", medium width, regular fit
KESSY medium width, pointed tip, very lightweight and comfortable
KOAK normal fit, a little bit smaller
KOEHSA* wide fit, very comfortable, cushioned profile sole
KUMI normal fit, like Turna, very lightweight with a flexible sole
KUSABI normal fit
LEIT* regular fit, lightweight microcell sole
LIAB* fancy biker boots, turn out half a size bigger, cushioning sole
LUNAH* medium width, very soft heel
MEGGIE rather wide fit
MENSCHA turn out a half size bigger, medium width
MIZZI medium width
MOE normal fit
medium width, asymmetric tip, Sacchetto style: almost no seams inside
NANET* rather wide fit, quite similar to SOSO, feminine and lightweight
NANI wider fit, lot of space for toes
NATURE normal width, lightweight, sporty, flexible
NEI* medium width, very modern look
NIAH ankle boot with a slight plateau sole, regular fit
NIX* medium width, plateau sole, asymmetric tip
NOLA* medium width, soft leather
NOLITA* slim fit, firmly incorporated footbed
OBAJO* fashionable design, light plateau sole protects from cold, cushioned heel
OPUA smaller fit
PAPU normal fit
PENSA wide fit, soft landing
POMALI* regular fit, very comfortable footbed
RENNA* medium width, sporty shoe, very lightweight outsole, absolutely comfortable
RENTO wider fit
RUBY* medium width
SAMMAS* regular fit, very comfortable
SANDE* wide fit, small heel, fit like DENK
SASSO* medium width, very soft calf leather
SCHLAPFA* wide fit
SHIK  light cork footbed, normal fit, soft and comfortable tread
SING normal fit, soft and flexible
SEAS* wider fit, cushioned, soft tread
SOSO* slightly wider fit, slightly cushioned heel
SPUAT normal fit, (like WAIV)
STERNDAL* medium width, trendy sandal with cork look
THI* medium width, very soft upper leather, flexible sole
TJUB wider fit (like TURNA)

medium width, soft footbed, lightweight, large fit: Please order one size smaller
TURNA sporty, lightweight and comfortable shoe with a medium width
UMADUM* sporty ankle boot, heel in crepe look, medium width
VINNTA* medium width, very comfortable

wide fit, very soft leather

WAIV normal fit, possibly order half a size larger
WANDA* wide fit
WEDSCH* variation with: ...Velcro on the toe strap: medium width; ...firm toe strap: not suitable for slim feet
WOACH* medium width, firmly incorporated footbed
WOOD* slim fit
WUNDA* medium width, very lightweight and heavenly comfortable
YOGEH wide fit, sporty sandal with changeable insole
ZAZA normal fit
ZEGA  comfortable width, foot-friendly formed
ZENZI* medium width
ZEPPA normal fit
ZILLI* medium width
ZWOA* soft and comfortable tread, medium width, 45 mm heel

Lasts for men's shoes

BEGWEM* medium width, trendy shoe, sole with used look
CHANGE wide fit, changeable footbed, adjustable strap
EGGAL* medium width, very soft footbed and upper, flexible sole
GEOAG* alternative to KONG: with a sporty crepe sole - medium width
GROD* medium width, large fit: please order a half size smaller
GRODSO * with Vibram sole, no slipping, nature latex, straight last
GURU medium width
HAWARA* medium width, leather made in used-look
JOEKING sporty and comfortable shoe, medium width
HAUKI wide fit, as KONG
JOSEF* medium width
KENIDI* regular fit, soft upper
KING wide fit, as KONG
KONG wide fit
KONG CITY* the "elegant" variation of KONG - with a sporty crepe sole, medium width
LAIT normal fit
LESSI* regular fit, leather sole
MAMON* wide, comfortable fit
MANDL* regular fit, medium width, air cushion sole
MAUNA* medium fit, leather sole
NUBESSA* medium fit, be-to-earth sole
OIDA* medium width
PENSA comfortable, wide fit
SITTI* masculine, casual last, simple design, soft tread
SPORTLA* medium width, vey soft footbed and upper
STO* medium width
STOA* sneaker fit with "hovercraft" sole: Very lightweight and comfortable!
STONE medium width
TURNA normal width, very flexible and soft
WALTA elegant and simple, sole of leather/rubber combination
WAUNDA wider fit, order a half size smaller
ZAGG* sneaker last, Hovercraft system for shock absorption, slim cut
ZEAN* medium width, fit like GURU, leather sole

Advice regarding sizes is always given under "further information" on the product view page.

*Lasts written in italics are no longer available, but are still shown to offer you a possibility to compare your shoes to other lasts.

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